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Side Effects Of Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous Earth Safety and Side Effects

A plethora of new benefits of diatomaceous earth have been discovered over the past few years, which has caused a tremendous growth in the amount of people taking DE supplements. This white powder can provide humans and animals with a long list of benefits ranging from weight loss to stronger bones to lower blood pressure. However, before you decide to just take a diatomaceous earth supplement there are some things you should know.

Diatomaceous Earth Risks

First, the type of diatomaceous earth you take is very important. The only type of DE you can safely take is food grade DE. Food grade DE is the purest type of DE available, and is what is available at most food or health stores. Industrial strength DE is much more potent and should never be consumed by humans because it can have serious health effects.

Likewise, if you plan on using diatomaceous earth as a de-wormer for your pet or livestock, make sure you buy food grade DE as well. Industrial grade DE is only to be used as an insecticide or bug repellant on crops.

It should be noted that diatomaceous earth is not actually approved for human consumption. This is mainly due to the lack of clinical studies that support its’ safety. The few studies available do hint that diatomaceous earth is safe for human consumption, but the FDA still has not the already existing GRAS (generally recognized as safe) status to include human consumption as well.

Diatomaceous Earth Side Effects

According to diatomaceous earth users, there are no known side effects or health problems associated with food grade DE. There is know evidence that any injuries or health problems have occurred as a result of DE use, which further affirms the belief that DE is safe for human use of a long period of time.

As with any supplement, pregnant or nursing mothers should speak to their doctors before taking DE. While DE is a natural substance, it is just a good idea to make a doctor aware of what you are taking beforehand.

Diatomaceous earth does naturally lower blood pressure as well, so if you have low blood pressure you should carefully monitor your blood pressure. While decreases in blood pressure are only minor, it is still something that you should be aware of while taking DE.

As far as overdosing is concerned, there is no possibility of overdosing on diatomaceous earth. Your body will simply remove any excess diatomaceous earth you consume naturally. Therefore, it is literally impossible to overdose or consume too much diatomaceous earth. However, you should consume less than a cup per day just to ensure you are not wasting the DE you have.

Overall, DE is a safe, effective supplement that can greatly improve your health. There are countless benefits to DE, which is why a DE makes sense for just about everybody to take. Just make sure to follow the directions on the label of the DE supplement and you can experience a wonderful improvement in your overall health and how you feel each day.

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