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What Is Diatomaceous Earth?

Diatomaceous Earth Silica

This amazing product is available for human consumption. However, many people have never heard of it. Diatomaceous Earth can be used to help an individual have better health.

Diatomaceous Earth Food Grade

The food grade variety is the type that people should use to eat. Lower grades of this item are only suitable for other purposes. A food grade variety can also be used for livestock and pets. This product will resemble an off-white or white powder.

It is created from a form of sedimentary rock. It is created by crumbling the soft rock. The particles are small and powdery. The Diatomaceous Earth feels lightweight and abrasive. Originally, this product was a large number of algae which had hard shells.

However, over thousands of years the algae fossilized to become layers of sedimentary rock. This product has a wide range of uses including health benefits for humans and animals.

How is Diatomaceous Earth Used?

Lower grades of diatomaceous earth are used as a water filtering medium for fish tanks or swimming pools. Scientists discovered how to mix it with nitroglycerin to create dynamite. The powder is slightly abrasive which makes it suitable for use in facial scrubs, metal polishes and toothpastes.

In addition, this versatile item is highly absorbent. It has been used to absorb toxic spills of gas and other liquid chemicals. Cat litter often has diatomaceous earth as a main ingredient because it absorbs pet urine.

Facial masks may contain this ingredient because it absorbs excess oil from the skin. It can be used as an insecticide because it will absorb the moisture from an insect’s exoskeleton.

In addition, it has thermal or heat resistant properties. This makes it suitable as a protective layer in various objects. Hydroponic gardens and potted plants are often grown in diatomite. Diatomite circulates oxygen while retaining nutrients and water. It is also lightweight making it easy to transport.

Health Benefits of Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth

This product also provides health benefits for humans! People are using Diatomaceous Earth to detoxify and cleanse their digestive tracts. Intestinal parasites are destroyed by this product. People have also used this item to destroy viruses in the body.

Diatomaceous earth has silica properties which preserves the enamel on teeth while preventing cavities. The collagen of the skin is improved with regular consumption of this product.

Many individuals ingest diatomaceous earth to assist with controlling their appetites. They are experiencing weight loss without feeling hungry. The silica works with calcium to prevent loss of bone due to osteoporosis. Individuals can use this product to lower cholesterol and blood pressure.

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